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Christmas present ideas for budding Calligraphers

So the two week countdown is on and I must admit, I've yet to finish my Christmas shopping! Hopefully this post will help some of you with yours for the budding calligrapher/letterer in your life or for those that want to gift themselves a little something this festive period as retail therapy after the year we've had...

First up is the sparkliest, prettiest, most festive item, a Finetec metallics palette. I've had mine for four years and it's still going strong, with a few extra colours every now and then added to my collection. There is no other ink that I've found that gives you the same sort of sheen and colour pay off even on black paper, it's truly stunning. A staple in my opinion!

Next is this gorgeous book by Veronica Halim - Calligraphy Styling which is on my list, the photos look beautiful and would be such great inspiration for little calligraphy projects. There's even a section on how to get started for those that are just starting out.

Then you can't go wrong with a set of new nibs and Meticulous Ink do the best selection with instructions on what's what and how to prep them!

Lastly and perhaps the most generous of gifts (which I may have gifted myself last week) is the Sumi Pen by Tom's Studio. I ended up getting the beautiful blush one but it looks like the coloured ones are sold out now, there are still black ones available though!

It's basically a fountain pen that acts like a dip pen without the hassle of dipping and it is truly stunning in its design. It's a got a great weight to it and it doesn't have a lid, you just stand it up in the brass stand with a cork base so it doesn't scratch or slip anywhere.

Then the nib creates those lovely thick strokes when pressing down and a thinner stroke with a lighter touch. I'd say I have other nibs that can create a thinner stroke however for the ease of use, that doesn't bother me too much. Also, the nib will adapt the more you use it so that's worth bearing in mind when you first start out with it.

The thing I love the most is the smooth strokes you can create, no more scratching or potential snagging depending on the paper. A treat to use and the biggest treat if you get this for Christmas!

Happy shopping...


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