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Learning a new skill: Watercolour

One of my aims for lockdown was to learn a new skill which was to learn the basics of watercolour. I love watching watercolour videos on instagram with the effortless strokes of washed out colour, the way the colours bleed into each other and create one of a kind marks on the paper.

I tried both tubes and solids after reading mixed reviews and to be honest I think I'm on the fence about it too!

There is a little more ease with the solids however I just have a small stack that was fairly cheap, so there is a lack of colour choice meaning you have to mix up a lot of shades.

On the other hand, there are so many colours with the tubes but can be a bit more time-consuming mixing with water on your palette.

Another point of difference is the colour pay off that you get from solids vs tubes, again this could be down to my cheap and cheerful stack, but I found the tubes gave you a much more intense colour even when it was watered down.

Brushes wise, my sister gave me some fancy ones by Winsor & Newton which I'd say is worth the investment as I got some from eBay a while back which were frayed before long. Also get a range of sizes when first trying different techniques to get a variety of strokes.

This leads me nicely onto my new favourite book, New Botanical Painting by Harriet at De Winton Paper Co. It is stunning, I could flick through it for hours!

I've attempted a few 'easier' florals but what I love about the techniques is that you don't have to copy exact images, just go with the flow and try different colours.

My modern calligraphy started from a hobby so let's see where watercolour takes me, would love to collaborate the two for a collection next year! Watch this space...

What hobbies have you taken up during lockdown? Pottery is next on the list!

Jen x


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