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My modern calligraphy journey - part two

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

So this is the 2021/2022 edition continued on from my original blog post that I wrote back last September which you can catch up on here

Last year was a bit of a blur to be honest as we were still in lockdown adhoc-ly for the first half of the year! I mostly started the year designing commissions, had a few weddings and my first big event for an agency which was fun.

Then when doors finally did open up, I signed up for my first market at Farnham Maltings which I ended up attending regularly for a few months as well as a local one in the summer. It was so refreshing to meet actual people (some of you!) and chat about all things calligraphy! Setting up my stall was so satisfying, it was exactly how I had pictured in my head, the scalloped tablecloth was my favourite bit!

Then came Christmas, I designed a new range of festive monoline calligraphy Christmas cards as well as two new wrapping paper designs for the season. And I attended a couple of Christmas markets which were so wonderfully festive, mulled wine flowing, Christmas jumpers galore and everyone was so friendly. I lost count of how many baubles I hand lettered on my stand! But it was definitely something I'd love to do again, creating beautiful, unique, handmade gifts for loved ones.

Now, 2022 has been the year of workshops for me and I couldn't be happier! I've taught at multiple venues and every time I still get a high at the end when everyone has had a chance to grasp the art. It's the best feeling when someone comes up to me at the end and tell me that they surprised themselves with their creations!

I also got to launch Calligraphy Club at my local school which I'm hoping to run again in the Autumn term, as well as an evening class for parents and teachers! The children were so keen and also surprised me with their dedication and commitment at home, constantly practising and experimenting with different inks and nibs.

I have a few workshops scheduled which you can book on my Workshops page now and I'm researching a few new venues at the moment before the end of the year. Those that follow me on Instagram know that I'm travelling back and forth to the States so there will be less workshops than I would like, but I have increased my class size slightly so hopefully you manage to book a space!

I am also looking into wellbeing events such as mindfulness retreats to host a workshop or for any businesses that have a Health and Wellbeing focus, so get in touch if this sounds like you!

Excited to see what 2023 will hold...

Thank you for all of your support as always x

Jen x


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