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Pretty post: Addressing envelopes

I love post and I love pretty post even more! In this day and age, is there anything better than receiving a beautifully personalised addressed envelope through your letterbox. Even more so, at this 'unprecedented' time of lockdowns and social distancing from our loved ones.

You can make such an impression from wedding invitations to birthday surprises to a simple note to your best friend to tell them how much you love them and miss your monthly brunch dates.

Pretty post is even a board on my Pinterest, there's so much Inspo out there!

Writing envelopes is one of my favourite projects to work on and I've included some different ways you can design them to make an impression!

Coloured envelopes make such an impact! Dark colours are my favourites with the Dr Martins Bleedproof white ink, it makes the calligraphy really stand out

Rich burgundy with a bright white ink is just a classic and a great option around Christmas!

Anyone else been to no.90 Bedford St when they went to NYC? There was scaffolding up when we went unfortunately but still saw the iconic blue and red canopy apartment building! Despite having some Monica tendencies, Rachel was always my favourite!

Try experimenting with different styles on different lines of the address, spreading out postcodes (zip codes) then if it's slightly off centre, add a cute little heart or a star!

Another option is to flourish the whole address and take up as much of the canvas as you can.

Emphasise cities or counties, making them bigger or using more of a loose script.

White ink works across all coloured envelopes, even on a light grey, which creates quite a simple but sophisticated feel.

I always find aligning the address centrally creates the best composition allowing enough space for the stamp.

(I've definitely gotten carried away before and forgotten)!

Why not go crazy and use the whole envelope with extra flourishes and stick the stamp on top of the lines.

Kraft envelopes are a popular one to write on, you could use white on this too but I prefer using a standard black ink pen and use monoline calligraphy.

Monoline calligraphy is simple but creates more of a playful character and there's no testing of inks to check bleeding. Quick and easy but oh so cute!

Sometimes it's quite nice to separate the name and the address and make more use of the space on the envelope.

Having the name on the diagonal creates a more fun layout whilst stacking the address in different styles keeps it interesting.

It's all about experimenting so try different paper, card, colours, inks and layouts! It's a great excuse to send some pretty post to some favourite people!

Metallic inks work well on both white and coloured envelopes to make it extra fancy.

Don't forget the back of an envelope, there's so many options but my favourite is just to write along the edge of the flap of the envelope.

Flourish away and add an additional message in a fun and unexpected way.

You could even add a wax seal for that special touch!

What's been the prettiest post you've ever received? Leave me a comment!


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