The best calligraphy inks

There are so many inks out there and I've tried quite a few in the last four years from the blackest blacks to the whitest whites! So here is a shortlist of my favourite calligraphy inks...

1. Higgins Eternal Black Ink

This is my go to daily ink when I use black ink from practising to creating bespoke long quotes. This is the ink that I used at Judy's workshop a few months after I started learning calligraphy and I've not found another that I love quite as much.

The pot of ink comes in a large 73.9ml (odd I know) plastic pot which lasts for a looooong time, amazing value! Higgins also have a 'Calligraphy ink' but I didn't find it quite as opaque, it came out really watery for me so not sure if I had a dud but I just didn't like it.

If you're a beginner, I would definitely recommend this ink which works across most media. For more tricky handmade textured paper, I would suggest an Indian ink which is a bit thicker in consistency so it doesn't bleed.

2. Dr PH Martins Bleedproof White Ink

I love how white this ink is which is quite tricky to find and this is my must have! I wasn't a big fan of this when I first tried it, it was thick and gloopy and would drip everywhere!

Then I discovered diluting...I'm not sure what the 'official' way to use this is but I add a few drops of water with a pipette and mix this in to create a thinner ink which flows a lot better. By doing this, one pot of ink lasts forever. Less is more so try adding a couple of drops of water at a time and test to prevent over diluting or you'll lose the opacity of this ink.

It's a dream to write with on black and coloured card and you can create beautiful hairline strokes.

3. Finetec Metallics

There is nothing better in my opinion when it comes to colour pay off and the sheen you get from Finetec Metallic inks. These are a bit fiddly to use to begin with but so worth it!

To use these, you need a few drops of water and mix with a small paintbrush then brush this liquid metallic ink to the nib. So it is a bit more time consuming especially when creating long pieces so prepare to be patient because you will have to add water fairly frequently as it dries so fast.

4. Winsor & Newton Coloured Inks

These are a fun option for coloured pieces and create a beautiful effect with the way the colour bleeds. There are so many options by Winsor and Newton, I found so many at The Range when I was there a couple of years ago which were amazing value.

Speaking of watercolours, I have been experimenting with paints and brushes recently so keep your eyes peeled for a blog coming soon.

What are your favourite inks? Leave me your recommendations!

Jen x