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Welcome to Inkscript Studio

Thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself whilst I've rebranded and it's been a year since I set up Inkscript Studio.

I'm Jen, calligrapher and designer, notebook collector and lover of anything dusky pink. I've always had a love of drawing and anything crafty growing up, Writing was something I really enjoyed, rewriting essays and pages of homework to get it as neat as possible...I may have been an exception at this!

I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Graphic Design and worked in a design studio, then within internal communications and a couple of events agencies. The thing I loved the most across these industries was creating something that got brought to life and would bring so much joy.

In 2017, I stumbled across modern calligraphy and thought it would be fun to take up as a hobby which I loved! So when we got married in 2018, I created all of our wedding stationery and wondered if it was something I could do everyday...

So I set up Inkscript Studio in 2019 creating bespoke and events stationery, branching out into greeting cards and wrapping paper. Whilst I still work on a few weddings, my primary business is now creating beautifully scripted gifting stationery, from greeting cards to paper to gift tags, with more to come this year.

So come say hello, follow and send me a DM on instagram or drop me an email at for any bespoke items you have in mind,

This blog will be updated with inspiration, calligraphy project ideas, sneak peeks at future products and lots more, so don't forget to sign up to my newsletter for the latest updates!

Jen x 


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