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My Christmas gift guide 2022

So this year has been a write off for my blogs but (spoiler alert) they're making a comeback in 2023! I actually love writing but it's fallen to the bottom of the list amongst all the other tasks...

Anyways, we've come to the end of another year and I hope this isn't too late but I wanted to round up a few amazing products that I've seen recently that would make the perfect Christmas gift for stationery lovers everywhere! Personally, I would love to receive all of these things (hint hint husband - who doesn't read my blogs)...

Firstly, you can't go wrong with a fresh new notebook for a new year and you can't beat Papier for a beautifully designed, good quality notebook. I've had a few of these in the past now, they make great gifts and I've also been lucky enough to receive a couple as gifts too. What's better than a notebook for the new year? A diary! Every 1st of January, there is no satisfaction quite like it, I like to go through and pop in important dates like birthdays and start picturing what the year is going to hold. Papier have so many designs and options for the inside as well as the outside, which I love! There are pages for a yearly view, monthly view, monthly goals, weekly view, important dates and contacts...what more do you need?

They've also collaborated with painter and artist, Chiara from Ciao Chiara, one of my favourite creatives that I've found on IG. Her simple but expressive strokes are stunning with her chosen colour palettes and this is my choice this year - Stellar. It even comes in a gold foil option if you want to go super fancy but I, of course, love the dusky pink option against the black. Plus, Papier also offer personalisation which is just the cherry on top and it looks so elegant with your initials on the front. Papier also sell stationery too if you feel extra generous and want to throw in a pretty ruler!

My next pick is more of a calligraphy specific item and it's a practice pad from Meticulous Ink. It sounds like a simple gift but it is the most stunning letterpressed pad you have ever seen with Athena's beautiful lettering in copper foil. Plus there are 35 pages that have also been lovingly letterpressed with guides if you want to write more 'traditionally' at a slant.

My personal style is a straighter but this pad enables you to follow the angle and train to write this way. The guides are very clever to show you where the ascenders and descenders should reach and this is what we cover in my workshops, ready to create a final piece so that it all looks cohesive and beautiful.

The next item is actually a Christmas card rather than a gift, but it was too lovely not to include! If you've never been to Choosing Keeping in London, then you must add it to your list. It's the most magical stationery store with unusual items, delicate lace paper cards, luxurious printed wrapping paper, hypnotising paper weights, it all feels so special to touch!

So my pick are these Press out and Stand cards which feature the most festive Home Alone house you've ever seen, a sweet angel and a jolly Santa. They are screen printed and I just think they would be the perfect card, so special! Plus I love anything craft related so if I got this, I'd really enjoy making it, adding to the Christmas decorations on the mantelpiece, bringing it out again year after year (providing Ted hasn't gotten to it).

Then lastly, arguably the best to a Tom's Studio item of course. These are the crème de la crème of calligraphy tools and it's definitely a treat to use one of these skilfully crafted pens. My pick this year is the Flourish, oblique calligraphy pen, the perfect name! I've used a couple of pens from Tom before and they feel lovely and weighty, smooth to use and a pleasure to keep coming back to!

Described as 'a dreamboat of a pen', it's on my Christmas list this year (in rose gold)! And if you need any more convincing, Tom's items always come beautifully packaged which are a joy to unwrap.

So that concludes my 2022 gift guide, until next year!

Happy weekend and happy shopping - see you in 2023 x


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